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Without you is a teenage romance story penned down beautifully by Preethi Venugopala through her vivid imagination. She is making her debut as a solo author through the book; a fact that you won’t recognize while reading the beautiful and seamless narration.

The story begins with

Ananya, the engineering student who has just entered her twenties, visiting her grandmother’s house in Sreepuram for a month long vacation. The bubbly and happy-go-lucky falls in love with Dr. Arjun the moment she meets him. Things progress fast and the mutual feeling blooms in all its glory.

But the path of true love is never free from hurdles. Fate decides to separate them and Ananya breaks down into depression. A job opportunity in Dubai distracts her from her loss temporarily and she embarks on a new journey, hoping to find the meaning of her existence and to heal her broken heart.

Will she ever find happiness again? Will time prove to be a healer again? Will she forget Arjun eventually and move on? What about Arjun?

As the story progresses, Without You eventually answers all these questions and much more.

It is a quick read.

If you picked up the book on a lazy afternoon, you will easily finish it off in a single go. There are two reasons for that. Fore mostly, the narration is simple and yet beautiful. I have always been fond of simple narrations. It allows you to connect easily with the characters and feel for them, which is the most important thing while reading any book. Secondly, the story does not drag. It keeps proceeding further and new events keep you engaged.


A twist is something I love in all the genres. Therefore, when I was reading the last section of Without You, I was impressed because I had not expected any revelations (it wasn’t a mystery novel, so obviously). Frankly, I loved it. But there’s more… You really have to read to find that out.

The Writing

I really liked it. You don’t really expect the debut authors with that much hold on the writing and narration. Although the plot of Without You is not something out of the box (do we still have any scope left in romance? Duh, it’s sad, especially if you yourself are a romance writer.), Preethi pulls it off really well. The vivid descriptions of the places Ananya visits are picturesque. The characters are likeable. The message is beautiful.

I would definitely suggest it to all the romance readers.

Because Without You is simply different from the hordes of ‘Mills and Boons’ kind of romances we get to read these days (even those vampire romances. I’m sick of them.) It captures the purity of love and affection, which is everything I desire in this genre.

Last but not the least, I was acknowledged by Preethi in the book. Sharing a snap of the acknowledgment section below. It certainly feels awesome to be acknowledged!

Without You Book Acknowledgment

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