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Purba is a dear online friend and I really admire the way she writes, so much that I have decided to read anything she writes. I even read her poetry book (I never read poetry) and liked it. I had finished reading The Hidden Letters a few days back and it left me pondering at certain things. It’s laughable (for her) how I hated her for penning down certain fates in the book, but the emotion stayed with me long after reading the book. ‘Isn’t it a good thing?’ I thought.

Title: The Hidden Letters
Author: Purba Chakraborty
Publisher: Bluejay Books Pvt. Ltd.
Date Published: August 10th 2014
Language: English
Number of Pages: 200
Genre: Romance
ISBN: 9789382891185
My Rating: 4

The Plot of The Hidden Letters

It revolves around Anaya Chatterjee, a bestselling author, a loving wife and also, world’s best mom. She leads a perfect life; something people can only yearn for. Everything shatters when she bumps into her cousin sister co-incidentally and she fails to recognize her. The past comes haunting at her, which brings the memories of the letters that she had long hidden from everyone. These hidden letters are capable of destroying her happy life and yet, she decides to surrender because she cannot live bearing the truth alone anymore.

The book is a quick read.

You would definitely fail to count the pages as you keep turning them. That’s one of the thing I love about Purba’s writing. The words just flow seamlessly and you start building a connection with the characters. Here, you grow fond of Anaya too soon. She is a perfect women and easy to fall in love with. One can easily imagine why everyone loves her so much.

However, soon things shift drastically and you get to peek in her past through the book she writes as a reference to her own life. I began loathing her when the Hidden Letters were revealed. ‘How can anyone do it?’ ‘How selfish can one be?’ were a few questions hovering my mind while reading.

As the author explains, she did have her reasons and this is something that generated a conflict within my own understanding. This brings me to a point where I would like to discuss the characters and theme.

A Shade of Grey

I don’t think (and Purba confirmed) that any of the characters is ideal in the book. It’s just like a real life situation. We are not perfect and apparently possess a shade of grey within ourselves. All the characters in The Hidden Letters are likeable at the first glance but when a certain situation is introduced in the book, it’s not the same anymore. May be the only person who has a pure heart is Anaya’s daughter.

Despite of her good nature, Anaya became selfish (even if for a reason that can be understood when you think about it.) The Hidden Letters written by Anaya’s cousin should not have been written by her in the first place; not after what all happened. Anaya’s husband did not think twice before reacting the way he did after the revelation of the truth.

I loved the turn of events, hated the climax and loved it at the same time.

You would love and hate the same characters as the turn of events take place. Purba did a good job there. This also brings me to the climax. I hated it because a certain character did not deserve the fate that they met. It broke me and hurt me. However, I’m not sure any other end would have sufficed it better. It’s not necessary that if a climax of a book breaks your heart, it’s not a good one. The Hidden Letters share a similar fate for me.

Overall, I found the book quite good. Like I have mentioned already, Purba has done a good job penning down the characters. To mention a couple of negative things for me, I just found a few events Bollywoodish and I wish the last few pages were more elaborate. I wouldn’t have minded reading 30-some pages more. Apart from that, a book worth your time.

Everything changes: situation, people, time, place and feelings too. There is no solution in complaining, but rather it is wise to accept the changes occurring around us and within us….When life keeps no other options for us, it’s better to move on.

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  1. I liked the way you reviewed “The Hidden Letters” and discussed the grey shades of the characters. Thank you so much, Anmol for your time and support. I always enjoy reading your book and movie reviews. And therefore, it feels great to get my books reviewed by you 🙂

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