The Girl of My Dreams – Book Review

‘If it’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love’ was the first book of Durjoy Datta I had picked up long ago on a friend’s suggestion. I loved reading it and bought a few more books penned down by him. Till the Last Breath actually made me his fan and ever since then, I am eager for his every new release. The Girl of My Dreams was a genre change and although it is a generous leap for a romance writer, I can digest anything if it’s good.

Title: The Girl of My Dreams
Author: Durjoy Datta
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Date Published: October 15th 2016
Language: English
Genre: Romance-Thriller
ISBN: 9780143424628
My Rating: 2

The Girl of My Dreams is a thriller with love and obsession as a central theme.

Daman, an aspiring writer is obsessive about his muse Shreyasi. He writes about her and his readers love him. It’s about time he wrote a full-fledged book of his own especially since he has left his job to pursue writing. He is happily committed to Avni, a banker who is a charming young lady and loves his back equally.

A dream haunts Daman consistently; a dream in which he is sitting with Shreyasi in a car. Every time, their car meets an accidents and Shreyasi dies. Anyhow, he manages to push his book to a famous editor who brutally edits out the character of Shreyasi.

This is when Shreyasi surges up in Daman’s life. Is she real? If yes, where has she been? What does she want from him now?

The Girl of My Dreams has a promising beginning.

While reading the first few chapters, I was extremely excited. The book generated a perfect thrilling atmosphere. It was also suspenseful and for an instant I thought this could go even better than ‘If It’s Not Forever, It’s Not Love’. The inclusion of Shreyasi was disturbing and I was intrigued to find out more.

However, the moment the curtain is pulled up from the character of Shreyasi, The Girl of My Dreams starts falling down for me. Maybe I had desired the mystery to be maintained for longer. Even though her character was etched out in an intriguing fashion, the momentum was lost with the revelations. It happened because the story became the usual run-on-the-mill take on obsession.

The narration is a drag.

I believe that thrillers should be crisp. They should not try to run in several directions and should not include context that can easily be edited out. Even Gillian Flynn could not help but drag somewhat at a few places while writing Gone Girl. But she had a good story and a great shock value for the readers. It brings me to my second point. The plot twist in The Girl of My Dreams did not have a good surprise value. I don’t know if you have read a lot of books or watched a lot of flicks, but if you have, you’ll understand what I mean.

It could have been edited out to be a 200 page quick read. I don’t understand why all the Indian authors are relentlessly trying to make it past the 250 pages’ mark.

Several contexts in the book seem forced.

It can be debated upon, but I was not convinced by several actions of the characters in the book. At times, it felt that they were manipulated to satisfy what Durjoy Datta had in mind. This brings me to another major issue with the book. I simply could not connect with any character. They are plain and monotonous characters who don’t have a life. It is all about the one book Daman is writing. They don’t have a personal life and therefore, we don’t know them outside the worries associated with the publishing of the book.

The climax of The Girl of My Dreams is literally pathetic!

I had seen that coming miles away and therefore, the last section of the book completely failed to amuse me as a reader. It was unbelievably blunt and stretched. I usually rate a book higher even if the climax can surprise me or leave me thinking. Here, I think I’m going to forget it by the time I wake up.

If you are looking for a verdict

Don’t read The Girl of My Dreams if you are not a fan. The book has extremely little to offer in those over stretched context. It has his signature explicit descriptions of the intimate moments and a couple of curses in Hindi (which is also a trademark of DD), which were both not required. If you haven’t read the author, I can suggest you a lot better books written by Durjoy Datta himself. This one failed to impress me, but I’ll wait for his next.

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  1. Honest review Anmol……when I saw your header, I realized that you are a DD fan. So I expected all good things about the book. But it was good to see that you stayed honest with your opinion about the book. I liked your line “Don’t read The Girl of My Dreams if you are not a fan”. I havent read any of DD’s books and going by this one, I am not sure I will pick up any of his books. But thats just my opinion. I am sure he has a huge fan following out there.

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