Six Degrees – Game of Blogs

Six Degrees – Game of Blogs is a project that literally gave me the much needed confidence as a writer. Initiated by BlogAdda, it was a writing competition where participants from all over the nation participated. 30 teams comprising of 10 participants each began with a unique journey. BlogAdda gave characters and each team had to weave their own story with the same characters. One participant was supposed to post one chapter. The journey was full of plot twists and challenges introduced by BlogAdda every week. Every weak, a few teams were eliminated based on the verdict of a panel of 6 elite judges namely Ashwin Sanghi, Kiran Manral, Meghna Pant, Natasha Badhwar, Raksha Bharadia and Ravi Subramanian (which is why the title – Six Degrees). At the end of the competition, only three teams were shortlisted and their stories are what you get to read in the book Six Degrees – Game of Blogs.

My team ‘By Lines’ comprised of 8 participants (unfortunately, 2 participants quit right before the competition was kick started) namely – Preethi Venugopala, Soumyaa Verma, Tina Basu, Ashutosh Bhandari, Paresh Godhwani, Prerna Maynil and Ramanathan P. None of us knew each other before this competition and therefore the early disputes were obvious. However, I was so delighted that we all picked up soon and after that, it was purely a team effort. Yes, I led the team and I am thanked more than often by many team members, I would like to say that it was the efforts by everyone that we topped the competition. I still remember the extensive research, the sleepless nights, the multiple edits, the non-stop communication over Whatsapp and Facebook. However, when we were announced the winners, every drop of sweat seemed totally worth. I feel obliged to have worked with such an amazing team. This competition has given me friends for lifetime, a new level of confidence, an achievement that I consider to be one of my best till date. So thank you BlogAdda for making it happen!

The book was launched at BlogAdda Win 2015. Sadly, I could not make it to the launch, but here is the launch video.

You can buy Six Degrees – Game of Blogs at:



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