My Life is Meaningless Without You (Until….)

Relationships are subjective to the people in concern. It can be a blissful experience for some while it is quite capable of making someone’s life miserable or even hysterical. A few years ago when social media was not around, people did not actually have a medium to confess their thoughts or emotions in front of everyone in a single go. I wonder if it was therapeutically to talk about the same thing with different friends or siblings; whether it allowed people to let go more easily. Anyhow, that is a debate itself best left for another post.

Presently, no one actually shies away from expressing freely and I’m not leaving even myself out of the crowd. Sometimes, it is a good way to release the building emotions. They say the worst you can do to yourself is keep your emotions suppressed or locked inside your heart. I had to write so much just to clarify that I’m not against anybody. Nor does this post tries to demean anyone. It’s just an opinion.

Throughout my social media feed, there was a huge surge in the number of people getting married in the last quarter of 2017. The idea to write this post came from there, but I have been noticing a funny trend for quite some time now.

I am an emotional person. When I read about people weeping over their lost love or how things did not fall into place despite of their love due to ‘x’ reason, my usual reaction is to feel sympathetic. When you think about it from a perspective I have built, it’s hurtful. The reasons can be different. There can be a third person, there can be family issues and it’s laughable but we are still dealing with caste or religious issues in modern India. Here, I’m just talking about a person who is not happy breaking up with their partner. The reason may be any.

  • My life is meaningless without you.
  • No matter how far we have sailed from each other, you will always be in my heart.
  • You were my life, I don’t know how to live without you.
  • No one can take your place, I’ll always love you no matter what.

These are some of the posts I have often seen in my feed. How long do you think it takes to move on from this state to:

  • You were the one I was searching for since forever.
  • After finding you, I have finally found the meaning to my existence.
  • It’s only after holding your hand, I feel my life is complete.
  • I feel blessed to have a partner like you.

I don’t exactly know if they have worked out a science to determine the average duration. However, a week won’t be the answer definitely. Yes, I have seen it with my naked eyes. From ‘My life is meaningless without you’ to ‘My life was meaningless without you’ in a single damn week. Guess what happened? Arranged marriage! Can you fathom a logic behind it because I clearly can’t.

So what’s the deal? I have narrowed it down to peer pressure as a frontrunner. Apparently a person is not really in love with another person until they post the cheesy quotes for each other with heavily filtered and well posed pictures. Even if someone needs time to deal with the shit in their lives, they must keep posting and informing their peers how happy they are in a new relationship, which itself was forced down their throat by their parents.

It is not the only reason however (can’t be). But what impression are you actually making on people who are not your very close friends with biased opinions and XOXO tags. For all I know, you were either telling a lie about your ex or you are telling a lie about your present. If it’s the prior, may your current relationship be blessed, but if it’s the latter, congratulations, you are on a path of ruining another life.

I hope it did not sound as a rant because it isn’t. It’s just a crazy thing that I have been observing and has made me chuckle at several occasions. What’s your opinion?

Anmol Rawat

Anmol Rawat is a writer, which, considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense. His debut solo book ‘ABCs of Horror’ is a collection of 26 terrifying standalone tales. He thinks Game of Thrones and Supernatural are the best TV series ever made and devours on Nicholas Sparks, Dan Brown, Stephen King & John Green. He would kill for a good cup of Cappuccino, as should all right thinking people.
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  1. We’re born alone and will die alone. So I don’t know why people think they need someone to give their lives meaning. I mean, we are social creatures and we need relationships. But I’ve been single for a long time and I did live a full life. I had fun, I enjoyed my own company and those of friends. Our life will have meaning if we put meaning in it and not wait for others to do it for us. And if someone comes along, that’s one awesome bonus.

    Great, thought-provoking read. 🙂

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