Blank Space (Volume 1 – Filled With Inspiration)

Blank Space (Volume 1 – Filled with Inspiration) will always be close to my heart. It is the first paperback I got published in. I was one among the 100 writers that were shortlisted from hundreds of entries, which is an achievement in itself. Other than being a cloud 9 moment, the book actually gave me a medium to showcase my skills in a broader reader circle.

The book is an anthology of 100 inspirational short stories that encapsulates several aspects of life and the society. It walks you through all the colors and shades of life tied to the thread of inspiration.

My story is about love, in its purest form. I have tried to capture it in a way that may inspire the readers to love selflessly, unconditionally, truly and deeply.

The response I received for my story was overwhelming. I’m really glad that I could connect with so many hearts through my words and they felt those emotions which I had woven into my story.

The book can be purchased on Amazon. For more details about the book, you can visit Goodreads.

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