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The Last Bloom was given to me by the author, Poulomi Sengupta herself. Most of the authors looking for book reviews are usually looking after 4 or 5 stars rather an honest review. Poulomi however does not belong to that horde, which is really commendable. Before you read my review, I would like to state that liking or not liking a book is quite subjective.

Title: The Last Bloom
Author: Poulomi Sengupta
Publisher: Frog in Well
Date Published: February 10th 2016
Language: English
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 9789352015474
My Rating: 2

It is not a run-of-the-mill story.

The story revolves around Priya and her struggle to fit into her college life. Like any other individual, she had some aspirations and was pretty excited to join her dream college. However, her expectations are ruined with the politics ridden environment of her college.

Her attempt is worth appreciating

Usually, the new authors resort to poorly written college romance fictions. The Last Bloom is different and that was the reason why I agreed for the book review. The book talks about the issues that exist in our education system. It explores the impact of politics brewed up through college unions. In addition, we witness things from the perspective of a young girl and experience all kinds of troubles she goes through.

It takes a lot of courage to write about something that even the government overlooks. The youth of West Bengal is often forced to migrate to other cities for better opportunities in their career.

However, The Last Bloom does not work for me!

I’m being truthful when I say that I really wanted to like the book because of everything I have mentioned above. However, several reasons which I’ll be discussing below wavered me away from that.

The Length! The Length! The Length!

The fore most problem with the book is the length. I don’t understand why young authors do not go for a 200 pages long book. That is what even the bestselling authors have been doing. There is a reason behind it. Let’s not get too much into that. With respect to The Last Bloom, I think that the book was full of scenes that could have been eliminated without hampering even a little with the story.

By no means I want to be rude to the author. All I want to suggest is that no one likes to read 400 pages penned down by a debut author especially when the sections don’t add much relevance to the plot.

Editing is missing!

Continuing the last point, the book lacks editing. I don’t know if it went through editing or not, but it could have been a lot crispier. There are several unnecessary descriptions. With the mention of descriptions, I would also like to add that I hated reading them especially because of the heavy words that seemed straight out of Thesaurus. I don’t understand the motive! It was such a downer that I stopped reading the descriptions all together. If you are following an easy-to-read tone in the overall book, don’t cluster your descriptions with heavy words.

The character development was poor.

Considering the length of The Last Bloom, the author could have etched out the characters in a better manner. There were so many monotonous and uninteresting characters that I kept forgetting names. The romantic angle was cold. This was probably because the two things – exploring the poor education system and romance angle could not go along well. Personally speaking, the romance could not touch my heart.

Something for the Author

She’s passionate for her book, which is a good thing. Most of the authors bulk mail for reviewing, but she was communicating personally, which is why I agree to do the review in the first place. Her concept is good and it’s definitely courageous to go in such a direction with your debut book. I believe a good editor can do wonders with the present book and make it more compelling.

In addition, I think all the mails she sent describing her book, were much better than the book altogether and that’s only because of the missing edit.

I would also suggest to go with a simple language. It’s always easier to connect and I believe it can touch more hearts.

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