12 Reasons Why You should Switch to Epilators

Hair removal? The first word that comes to mind is PAIN. If you have ever gone through the process yourself or with help, no one can understand the agony better. It’s a well-known fact by today’s generation that the silky-smooth hairless skin is an ordeal in reality. But, who doesn’t like the results? What’s not well-known is that the ordeal can be waved off, especially since the Epilators are here to minimize the torment.

Epilators in general have great benefits over the regular wax removal or hair removal creams. They say that you won’t know until you try, but Braun is here to let you in on the secrets that only an epilator user is aware of. Here are the 12 reasons why you should switch to epilators:

1) It’s Addictive

When you touch your baby soft, smooth skin, you can never look back! In a mere press of a button, you can attain a skin that you haven’t experienced since puberty.

2) It’s Precise

While you might think that waxing can pull out the tiniest hair strands, if you switch to epilators, you’ll take back your words. Epilators can catch 4x shorter hairs than waxing (o.5 mm to be precise). In addition, there’s no mess and its without regrowth period.

3) It’s Long Lasting

You can experience the silky smooth skin for up to 4 weeks straight. Braun Silk-épil  9 SkinSpa is perfectly capable of doing so.

4) DIY

No need to rush anywhere. You can do it in the comfort of your home. It is a quick way to get rid of hair without any fuss or cons. In fact, it promotes less regrowth, which eases out the process further with continued use.

5) You can Save Money

If you switch to epilators, you can save every penny you would have otherwise spent on your waxing appointments. Imagine what you can do with all the saved money! There’s this pretty dress in a store down the lane of your street, but you were trying to save money. Well, guess what? You now have enough money to buy it.

6) You can Wear Whatever You Want

You will never have to worry about the visible growth. Let climate be the only deciding factor of your wardrobe choice.

7) It is Much Less on the Scale of Pain

Braun Silk-épil  epilators comes with a massage attachment that makes the process of epilation gentle. Using lukewarm water can further soothe your skin and create less discomfort. It is perfectly usable under shower and it becomes virtually painless as you get the hang of it.

8) We are Not talking About Legs Only

Epilators are multi-taskers. You can use them on arms, underarms, face and even the bikini area

9) Perfect for All Skin Types

You need not worry about your sensitive skin when you switch to epilators. It comes with two speed modes. With speed 1, you can go for a gentle epilation and with speed 2 you can go for an extra efficient epilation. Just glide it slowly against the direction of hair growth while holding it at 90 degrees to the body part.

10) It Appeals to Every Woman

If you like to control who you look, the guaranteed hair removal of Braun Silk-épil  epilators is something you will definitely look forward to. It comes with two different brushes including the NEW Deep Exfoliation  Brush which provides 6×5 better exfoliation vs. a manual exfoliation scrub alone.

11) It Boost Your Confidence

With waxing, the results are not long lasting. But if you switch to epilators, you can have long lasting beautiful and silky skin. You might have worried about regrowth back in time, however, you can now say goodbye to such worried.

12) Jessica Alba Prefers It

We may be lying, but you can trust Jessica Alba. She chose to switch to epilators. It’s good for her and therefore it should be good enough for you.

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  1. Epilators are safe to use and very handy. I’ve had Braun and Philips, these are so far the best brands I’ve used. They’re fast, smooth, takes time to grow hair and doesn’t give you ingrown hairs.

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