Only Love is Real – Book Review

Only Love is Real: A Story of Soulmates was suggested to me by a friend or I might have never heard of Dr. Brian Weiss. As usual, I did not try to read about the book or about the author before purchasing it and stacking it up in my bookshelf. Therefore, whatever I read was from a fresh perspective and without any expectations.

The plot

This is not one of those regular novels. From the beginning itself, it appears to be a journal of Dr. Weiss that has been converted into a story form to facilitate the reader in understanding and reading with interest. It’s about his patients Elizabeth and Pedro, people who have never met in this life, but have been lovers throughout the centuries. As both of them begin their past-life regression therapy under Dr. Weiss, the destiny conspires to bring them together again.

The overall concept is interesting.

I was quite glued with the concept of Only Love is Real in the beginning. Like I said, I have not read any of his works and this was the first one I picked up, it was a whole new experience for me. I don’t really believe in all the regression theories and read it like I would read a fantasy book. It all seemed surreal to me and a few things were hard to digest. Through the regression therapies, the author brings in some beautiful messages that make you ponder on your existence and your lives. If you’re looking for a self-help or spiritual book, this actually does a pretty decent job.

Love dissolves fear. You cannot be afraid when you are feeling love. Since everything is energy, and love encompasses all energies, all is love. This is a strong clue to the nature of God.

The book literally preaches love. Dr. Brian Weiss literally keeps love above everything and that is a great message seeking the present world where everybody is at each other’s throat for some or the other reason. We are fighting against each other to gain materialistic things like power and money. No one really acknowledges that it all ends someday. There is an end to everything, except love. Love never dies and it what prevails over everything at the end of your life.


Even though I liked so many things about Only Love is Real, I found the story dragging after a while. There were so many sessions and some of them carried a little or no importance at all. Right from the beginning, I really wanted to know about Elizabeth and Pedro and the book never got there. It simply followed the sessions of both individually and their past life experiences. After a certain period, it got repetitive.

The author mentions his first book so many times that it starts irritating you. Now that’s a personal opinion and in no manner I want to hurt the sentiments of the followers. Likewise, there was so much context focusing on his other sessions with other patients. It was distracting to me because of the reason I have already mentioned.

I have mixed feelings.

I mean it! I did not know how to feel about Only Love is Real collectively. There are things that I liked and there are things that made me cringe in irritation, especially how it ended all of a sudden.

Yes, I don’t believe anything written in the book to full extent

You will find a note in the beginning of Only Love is Real that all the things mentioned are real. I trust so many people believe in it and without hurting their beliefs, I would like to add on a personal note that it was too much to be true for me. It seemed like a clichéd plot to me.

Final words

I would recommend it to the people who actually believes in regressions or people looking for some answers about life. Dr. Brian Weiss sums up on that part quite well, but in a broader view, the message was simple and could have been explained in less pages as well. It was a nice experience overall and I liked reading it (not to a great extent). Pick it up especially if you are looking for something out of the box.

A few quotes to remember

“If you rely exclusively on the advice of others, you may make terrible mistakes. Your heart knows what you need. Other people have other agendas.”

We are all gods. God is within us. We should not be distracted by psychic abilities, for these are merely signposts along the way. We need to express our divinity and our love by good deeds, by service.

Love is the strongest force in the world. Love can grow and bloom even in frozen soil and in the harshest conditions. It exists everywhere, and all the time. Love is a flower for all the seasons.

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