The Magic of Warmth

I glanced at my wrist watch again. I was sitting at the metro station in my formal office wear for two hours now. Supposedly her colleagues had decided to surprise her on her birthday party with a butterscotch cake shaped like a Pikachu. That is what I was receiving on my messenger – the photos of the surprise celebration. Apparently, the pictures were supposed to calm me down. “It would be rude to leave without a little celebration,” she had said. Of course, she was right, but I was not up for a rational thinking.

I needed her. I hadn’t seen her for a whole month. A couple of angry messages were the result of the same frustration. Allegedly, she was angry after reading those messages. With a bag full of gifts, I was wandering in the empty parking area thinking of how I needed to pretend like an alpha male here.

I finally saw her walking towards me. It has been three hours and I was literally burning up with anger. There was no usual hug this time as she stood in front of me. Even with her casual attire, a pair of white denims and a blue shirt folded up, she looked lovely. Although I was a bit disappointed that her hairs were not loose and tied up in a bun. Coming out of the daze, I just gave her a nod and started walking towards the station. She paced up to reach me and started walking along with me.

It further angered me that there was no apology from her side. We boarded the metro without uttering a word to each other and stood facing different directions. Through the corner of my eyes, I tried to glance in her direction, but she was blank. “Shouldn’t I be the one getting angry? Wasn’t I the one who waited so long? Wouldn’t I have to sacrifice the hours I could be together with her this day? I had so much planned for her, but now I couldn’t follow up with everything due to the lack of time and it was pretty infuriating.

We de-boarded at our destination and I wished I could run away and say all kinds of mean things to her on the phone, because I couldn’t do it on her face. Before I could make such a blunder, I found her fingers crossing mine and her thumb caressing my knuckles. A rush of blood shot up through my nerves and I halted my steps closing my eyes. She put an arm around me and buried her face in my shoulder.

“I love you,” she said. “…. and I can bear anything but your silence,” she continued.

I melted into her embrace and cursed myself for every stupid thing I had thought of. A familiar thought crossed my mind – “Maybe, she deserves someone better than me.”

“Since you are going to remain silent, can I just open your bag and unwrap my gifts?” she said childishly.

I kissed her head, with my lips curving up in a smile. “Idiot,” I exclaimed, giving her a bear hug and experiencing the magic of warmth.

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Anmol Rawat

Anmol Rawat is a writer, which, considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense. His debut solo book ‘ABCs of Horror’ is a collection of 26 terrifying standalone tales. He thinks Game of Thrones and Supernatural are the best TV series ever made and devours on Nicholas Sparks, Dan Brown, Stephen King & John Green. He would kill for a good cup of Cappuccino, as should all right thinking people.

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