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Ever since I have read Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell has become a dear author. I do have a few more books of her in my shelf, but Kindred Spirits was the thinnest of all (because it’s just a short story) and I was short of time due to several things at hand. Moreover, I had read ‘Star Wars’ somewhere and I love Star Wars.

Title: Kindred Spirits
Author: Rainbow Rowell
Date Published: February 25th 2016
Language: English
Number of Pages: 62
Genre: Young Adult
ISBN: 9781509820832
My Rating: 3

Kindred Spirits was written for the World Book Day.

It is a short story that kind of attracts the attention of Star Wars fans. Elena is a HUGE fan of the franchise. Since a new movie is releasing in the theaters, she decides to queue outside her local cinema. From the stories she has read and the fan groups, she expects crowds of people in the queue to be the first to enter the theater.

However, her heart breaks when she finds that she is just the third one behind two random guys. But things get interesting as she spends days and nights with the strangers queued up like a true fan.

In a nutshell, Kindred Spirits is a cute story.

Even if you are not a fan of Star Wars, you must give it a try and obviously, it won’t even take much of your time. Anyone who is passionate about anything or have been, will enjoy the book because then, you can easily relate to Elena.

Kindred Spirits is a light hearted story with no actual purpose, but it’s fun and delightful. It might not seem much relevant to today’s world when you can actually buy tickets online, but if you know the old school things, you can definitely understand why a girl would queue up with total strangers for nights just to watch a movie.

Have we lost it? The passion that was present in people back in time? I’m not sure if Rainbow Rowell had this purpose in mind while writing the book. But, have we begun enjoying the monotonous lives so much that Elena would appear to be a stupid girl at her best insanity level to do such a thing?

I loved the climax of Kindred Spirits.

I wasn’t sure how it will end. Let me be completely honest with you, the climax broke a stupid smile on my face. I never saw it coming. It was the best one could have written IMHO. Go for it, I would say because you will adore it for sure.

People who are jerks don’t get to decide whether they’re jerks. It’s left up to a jury of their peers.

And the thing about nerd culture being mainstream culture now means that there’s no place to just be a nerd among other nerds – without being reminded that you’re the nerd.

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