A Handful of Memories at IndiBlogger Meet w/ BergerXP

An IndiBlogger meet! As exciting it may sound to most of the bloggers I know, I have always been skeptical. Being an introvert, I have always pushed the skip button whenever I have come across any invite for a blogger’s meet. However, as a part of my new year resolutions, I had no other choice, but to accept the invitation. Only 75 bloggers were invited for the meet and if you look at it in that way, it’s an achievement in itself.

I was late to reach the event!

It wasn’t my fault though. The venue (Vivanta by Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi) is too far from my home and one thing that you learn if you travel in Delhi Metro regularly is that it can make you wait longer than you can imagine and of course can halt anywhere. Don’t read that as a criticism coz that will make me politically incorrect.

Anyhow, I reached the venue half an hour late and by that time, lunch had already started. The registration was a lovely process because I got a badge where I could mention my twitter handle, which will help me later in getting recognized by a couple of people. I also got clicked!

My Badge and Instaclick at IndiBlogger Meet

Relief surged in when I found a familiar face in the IndiBlogger meet.

It was Bushra, who blogs at NoidaDiary.in. I have never met her, but she is someone with whom I have had a few interactions on or off blog (social media). It was a real relief because I could now tag along with somebody out of the 75 bloggers. I took a little food in my plate. “Are you on dieting?” She asked me, but I had just had my breakfast. Also, I would hate myself If I had no space left for the desserts. On her table I also got acquainted with two twin sisters/bloggers who would like to keep their identity secret. Neha, who blogs at DigiMother joined us soon after and it was lovely meeting them all.

While we were busy eating, we got reminded by the IndiBlogger team that the event is going to start and we should now leave food for good. We went in, not before taking a selfie. That’s me, Mr. Jaideep, Neha and Bushra.

Anmol Jaideep Neha Bushra at IndiBlogger Meet

The Event: First Phase of the IndiBlogger Meet

The hall was lit bright and we could find Berger colors and a few tools placed at different places. However, the first phase began with a jovial activity. We were given an envelope each that had five different chits inside. Each chit had a line and we had to find the people to whom they belonged. When I say that I am the epitome of bad luck, I’m not wrong. 3 of the chits I had belonged to people who have not joined this IndiBlogger meet. Anyhow, I was glad I could find at least one.

BergerXP Colors at IndiBlogger Meet

Once we were done, Mr. Vinod Das, Chief Manager at Berger Paints, took over the mic to introduce their brand new range – Express Painting. The introduction began with the problems every Indian faces while getting his home painted. The dust, the shifting of furniture, the seepage and lack of finish are a few prominent things to mention. Then, he explained how Berger Express Painting is going to improvise the scenario.

Mr. Vinod Das at IndiBlogger Meet

What is Berger Express Painting?

It is basically a huge upgrade to the conventional painting process. To conclude it in just three words, it’s Faster, Cleaner & Better. It takes out the notion of dust, dirt, spillage of paint and offers a premium finish to the consumer. Meanwhile, it also means reduced turnaround time for the applicators leading to more business. To list a few merits:

  • It is 40% faster than the conventional painting.
  • The tools are used by trained painters offering and efficient process.
  • No-mess tools (discussed below) makes the process hassle-free.
  • Vacuum suction enabled sanding machines strikes off dust.
  • Provides a better coverage, uniformity, smoothness and a great finish.

You may also check the below advert:

The last merit is kind of a game changer and would prove to be problematic for the competitors. The new tools (The demo would be given later at the IndiBlogger Meet itself.) that are used for Express Painting are as follows:

BergerXP Kit

1) Sanding Machine

  • Faster & Cleaner
  • Dust-Free Vacuum Function
  • Regulated Speeds

2) Multipurpose Mixer

  • Quick & Hassle-free Mixing
  • Regulated Speeds
  • Putty & Texture Mixing

3) Auto Roller

  • Adjustable Roller
  • Automatic Paint Pumping
  • Superior Finish

4) High Pressure Washer

  • Hi-speed Pressure Wash
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Nozzle Adjustment

5) Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Quick Application
  • Supports Water-Based Paints & Primer
  • Uniform Finish

After explaining us about the technology and innovations, Mr. Das also took several questions from the bloggers and answered them all cheerfully. I was simply making notes of the session for this blog, but my mind works in mysterious ways. I forgot those notes at the IndiBlogger Meet.

The Event: Second Phase of the IndiBlogger Meet

We were given a few accessories and then explained what the task was. A surface had to be scrubbed smooth with sandpaper as a team effort. We named our team ‘Surgical Strikes’. This was the first activity (of two) and whoever did it first was supposed to gain advantage for the second task.

Before we began, I just clicked a selfie and tweeted it (see below) for which, I won a voucher worth Rs. 1000 as a part of best media tweet competition that was taking place throughout the event.

I really think we did a fabulous job in scrubbing the surface. By the time we were done, our clothes were covered in dust. In a hurry, the gloves I was wearing got torn and one of my finger was scrubbed smooth as well.

Through this activity I got introduced to some other bloggers as well. Frankly, Gaurab is a fun guy (the second activity would be more fun) and not to forget, Tushar (who was a competing entity at Game of Blogs) is nice too.

Scrubbing it Off at IndiBlogger Meet

Tea/Coffee Break

This was a welcome thing, but it was the time we had to decide what to do in our next activity as well. Being the team leader, Ms. Poonam was told about the topic which was – Delhi Diaries. We had to paint on this theme on the canvas. There wasn’t a single painter or sketching artist in our team, which was sigh worthy. Anyhow, we decided on the concept. It was decided that we will paint all the positive things on one side and the negative on the right and divide the sheet with our heritage – Qutab Minar. Why Qutab Minar? Well, that’s easy to draw!

The black coffee gave me the caffeine I needed and the cookies were delicious.

The Event: Third Phase of the IndiBlogger Meet

It’s one thing to color with colors and it’s a whole different thing when you color with paint and that too with those thick paint brushes. We had wasted almost 20 of our 30 minutes (allotted as maximum time) in just sketching out the things. You can see how hard I and Gaurab are trying below.

Sketching at IndiBlogger Meet

The dripping paint on the canvas, the color on hands, the shortage of time and the fact that we are not artists resulted in something that you can see below. However, Gaurab did a fab job in explaining out the emotions behind the painting.

Based on both the activities, our team scored the second position, which meant we would get nothing, but a chance of bragging about it in our blogs. Well, that’s what I’m doing right now! We did one hell of a job as a team!

Our Fantastic Art at IndiBlogger meet

A goodbye with some wonderful memories.

Consequently, it was the end of this IndiBlogger’s meet. As a parting gift, we were given catalogs of Berger Express Painting, a branded coffee mug and an Indiblogger tee. Well, goodbyes are necessary to meet again and with all the memories, I’m really looking forward to future meets. At least, I now know a few people and would be rather excited to join them again.

I really want to thank IndiBlogger and Berger Paints for this amazing opportunity and painting our lives with the colors of merriment with this event.

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