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I remember being frustrated when I was not able to attend the launch of Like a Love Song. Well, a regular job can do that to you. Anyhow, I was determined (with a higher intensity) this time and I’m so glad I could attend the Delhi launch of Every Time It Rains. In every previous launch I had attended, I was already done with the book or halfway into it. However, this time I decided to go without even reading the blurb and the experience was great because I did not know what she was about to say or talk about in regards with the story or characters.

Title: Every Time It Rains
Author: Nikita Singh
Publisher: Harlequin
Date Published: February 10th 2017
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 9789352643738
My Rating: 4

Nikita Singh at Delhi Book Launch of Every Time It Rains

Every Time It Rains follows Like a Love Song

I really like the previous book and it was a sweet surprise that this book is a follow up. If you haven’t read it, you may wish to skip reading the review of Every Time It Rains.

Laila and Maahi are now successfully running their bakery franchise – Cupcakess + Cookies. While their lives are hectic, but they do enjoy it. However, Laila is yet to recover from her past, which is still a mystery for Maahi. Her work keeps her happy and acts as a perfect diversion.

In a pursuit to be bigger and better, they grab a chance to go national, but for that, they have to prove themselves. Along comes JD, a free spirited guy who stirs up Laila’s soul for a reason she can’t fathom. While they are exactly opposite of each other, there is something pulling them closer.

With what happened to her, will she ever be able to trust JD? Will she allow her to fall in love again? Is JD the right person for her?

The book sticks to the path paved by the previous one.

It has become a habit now. Every time I am writing a review for Nikita’s book, I keep mentioning how she has grown as a writer. The touch and style is still the same, but the character development is pretty good, the connection with characters as a reader is much stronger and the emotions are much more authentic.

If you have read Like a Love Song, you are already familiar with Laila and Maahi. Every Time It Rains explores Laila and there is nothing unnatural about it. The books tarts well, introducing us with the inner demons of Laila without explaining much. The significance of Cupcakes + Cookies in the lives of Laila and Maahi keeps the consistency, which I really liked. It’s the most important thing for them and they work hard to grow as professionals. However, along with that, as a reader, you become curious about Laila and somehow, you can connect with her, especially after her past is put forth. However, there is a lot more to it; keep reading.

Do you dare to fall in love again?

I believe the core theme of Every Time It Rains has been fabricated around the question. Everybody falls in love and many of us are too serious about the relationships. What if for some reason you lose the person? Will you trust another person with your life? Is it possible for you to move on? Will you dare to love again?

I remember reading Can Love Happen Twice by Ravinder Singh and I hated it for how lamely the question was dealt with. I even hated the conclusion. However, Nikita Singh has hit the sweet spot and although not perfect, she deals with the question much maturely.

A Rollercoaster of emotions!

Every Time It Rains is an emotional ride. I can’t vouch for every person reading the book, but if you are a sensitive person, it is strong enough to stir you up. Every time Laila breaks down, you break down along with her because she has been developed so well. The revelation, the friendship of Laila and Maahi, the role of Laila’s mother, the hardships of Laila and Maahi are so well connected that they become a part of you.

The book deals with an alarming issue.

Please do not read further till you read the climax of Every Time It Rains. The book deals with the evil of marital rape. It exists in our society and the cruel part is that hardly anyone acknowledges it as a crime. However, the inclusion of such an issue was also the only problem I had with the book. I needed more explanation on why Laila’s husband behave that way. They were in love and although Nikita Singh has mentioned why she might have overlooked the signs, it seems somewhat incomplete.

Apart from that, I feel that she has done justice to Every Time It Rains as a sequel. Even though I am a sucker for sad endings, somehow she leaves a reader smiling at the end and I have no problem with that. It falls into place perfectly. “Love stories end on a sad note most of the times in real life, why not give it a positive end in the books where we can control it,” she had said in one of her book launches.

Pick up the book if the blurb interests you or if you have read Like a Love Song. It’s a perfect read for a weekend you are spending at home.

Because I would like to show off my autographed copy.

 Autographed Copy of Every Time It Rains

Just so we’re clear on our definitions of love, I don’t throw that term around casually. I don’t want anything to do with lukewarm. I want crazy-for-you-will-die-without-you. I don’t want a “right now”. I want a lifetime. And I want it with you. I’m all in.

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  1. After reading this review I think I might want to read this story. I am all in for some serious relationship oriented stories. I am a very slow reader and like to pick up good stuff only usually recommended…right now reading The inheritance of loss.

    • This is actually a sequel to her previous book. You can check that first, but her books are quick reads, so if you are looking for something serious and something with more literature, probably you won’t like it much.

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