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This year, Chikungunya shook the entire nation. The virus has existed for years, but the pandemic rate this year was alarmingly higher. Of course, we can take plenty of measures to prevent what happened and the suggested things by the government can be taken into account to minimize the viral. But we also need to think about something that can safeguard us and our children against the mosquitoes. Chikungunya is just one of the viral disease spread by mosquitoes. You can add Elephantiasis, Dengue, Malaria and Yellow Fever to the list. Choosing the best mosquito repellent for your family can offer you a much needed shield against the mosquitoes and keep you away from the ailments.

Good Knight has really innovated in the sector and is offering several different solutions that can definitely help.

Good Knight Fabric Roll-On

Personal Mosquito Repellent This new innovation by the brand can offer you up to 8 hours of protection. It is a personal mosquito repellent that is 100% natural in its formulation. It is even safe for children. All you need to do is apply 4 dots of its non-staining formula on the clothes. Fortified with Eucalyptus and Citronella oil for mosquitoes, it keeps them at bay.

Good Knight Patches for Babies

Mosquito Patches for Babies The product has been designed to keep your little ones protected. It is a natural mosquito repellent for babies because it has been formulated with pure natural oils that keep mosquitoes away. These mosquito patches for babies are potent enough to offer an 8 hours long protection. It is the best mosquito repellent when you are heading outdoors.

Good Knight Activ Plus System

Best Electronic Mosquito Repellent When you are sleeping or cozying around in your house, all you need is an indoor mosquito repellent. The new Good Knight Activ Plus comprises of a superior heating system that ensures low electricity consumption. You can alter with the two modes – normal and Activ+ when the mosquitoes in concern are few and too many respectively. It is the best electronic mosquito repellent you will find in the market. This liquid mosquito repellent comes in different colors and you can match it up to your walls or furniture so it does not ruin your overall ambience.

Anmol Rawat

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  1. This surprises me to know that a little sticker works like an outdoor mosquito repellent which actually works. As the Goodknight mosquito patch mentions it is effective for 8 long hours.
    The concept of protecting one by just wearing it on the clothes is just amazing. It does not come in contact with the skin and no worries for getting allergy as it is 100% natural. After using it for months I have experienced no mosquito bites on the cheeks or hands of my babies after the evening garden play or in the mornings after the night long sleep. The garden times are more safer now which makes me feel happy


  2. I was using mosquito nets at night which was not working completely against the number of mosquitoes we have in our area. I was forced to use other tricks to get rid of them. I too was afraid for the mosquitoes causing diseases like malaria, dengue and most of all chikungunya. But when The T.V. ads made me aware that these mosquitoes bite in day time shook me. Using a mosquito patch or a skin creme to get protected against the mosquitoes was the only solution. But even after trying many top international brands just made me waste my money as they were with a pungent unbearable smell and were effective for a mere 1/2 to 1 hr.
    It was just few months back I tried Goodknight products to repell the mosquitoes which was more than satisfying. I suggest all my friends who care for their family and babies to use Goodknight which is available in different variants for different purposes. I use the mosquito patch, cool gel and the fabric roll-on as my child mosquito repellent and their garden time is now being extended beyond 6pm.

  3. Suruchi Deshpande says:

    Thanks Anmol for the detailed article… I am using the fabric roll on since a while now and would strongly recommend. In fact, it is now on our society’s notice board that parents should use Godrej Fabric Roll On for their kids playing in the play ground. There were many cases of Malaria and Dengue which has now dropped to ZERO!

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