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I’m a fan of Nikita Singh. I have been reading all her books and with all my heart appreciate what all she has achieved at such a young age. This book is really special for me because this is the first time I actually attended the book launch. I don’t want to force you into reading my experience at the launch right now, but I’ll definitely come to that at the end.

After All This Time is about

A girl Lavanya, who is habitual of running away from the problems instead of facing them and trying to solve them. Right from the time when she was seventeen, she has been running from her life and the truths that surround it, especially her father’s secret. However, one day she finds out that she’s HIV positive. Her inner demons come rushing at her, but this time, it is not something she can run from.

Shourya has had a heartbreak. He’s going through a harsh time that has left him broken and gloomy. Out of the blue moon, she runs into the person who meant the world to him a few years back – Lavanya. The past comes crashing into his present and he must make a decision that will define his future.

Will Shourya be able to forget the girl who meant the world to him? Will he be able to accept the situation? How will Lavanya cope up with the situation? Will she ever be able to forgive her father? What will she do when she can’t run away to escape the situation?

I’m not good at writing blurbs

But that is as close as I can go to explain you the plot of After All This Time. It is a simple story that has been woven beautifully by Nikita Singh. I was able to connect with the characters right from the beginning and liked them almost instantly.

Nikita Singh has grown so much as a writer

If you have been following her books from the beginning, reading After All This Time will explain you what I’m trying to say here. I would not hesitate in saying that this is simply the best she has ever written. The flow of words, the pace of the story and the fusion of different emotions in the context was perfect for me. I wish I would have started it on a weekend so I could have finished it in a single go. Trust me when I say that you would not want to put it down.

The Emotional Connect

The characters in After All This Time seem real. I’m not saying that they exist in real life. All I’m trying to say is that you can easily find those traits in people around you or may be in yourself. Probably this is why you start feeling for them. Nikita Singh has beautifully portrayed the emotions. “It comes to me naturally,” she had said at the launch when asked about why she writes romance. It’s absolutely true because nothing is forced here. It all flows smoothly through your hearts, often making your eyes wet – sometimes due to the sad monologues and sometimes for the happiness the characters feel. When she writes

“When had life become so complicated? Why did they have to be so far from the people they loved?”

you can actually feel it in your heart.

It’s beautiful

And I mean it. After All This Time is a beautiful book. It captures several emotions and several real life situations exquisitely. It teaches you that running away from the situations can only prove to be fatal for your own self as well as for the people around you. I literally sat down at the metro station for half an hour (I read while commuting to the office and back) so I could finish it before keeping it inside my bag.

So if you ask me, I will definitely recommend After All This Time to all the romance readers.

After All This Time Signed Copy

Here is my signed copy of After All This Time. While she was busy signing it, I told her that this was her best writing so far. Even though I had read only half of it then, I knew, it was going to be awesome throughout. I’m glad that I was right.

Well, I actually conversed with her for the first time (last time, I was too dazzled to speak anything). Cloud 9 moment for me! A glimpse of that moment is here below. It’ll always be close to my heart. Thank you for coming to Delhi.

Nikita Singh After All This Time Delhi Book Launch


You can buy After All This Time here

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  1. Such a poorly written book this is. And very cliched in terms of ideas too. If you want to read brilliant novels by Indian writers, read “Sleeping on Jupiter” by Anuradha Roy. It’s longlisted for the Booker Prize 2015.

    • Hey, thanks for mentioning your viewpoint. Well, everybody has a different opinion. I was not trying to find literature in the book. It’s a YA Romance Fiction and for me, it was pretty good at that.
      What you have suggested might be a great book, but comparing a YA book with that is kind of unreasonable I guess. 🙂

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