Anmol Rawat

A graduate in English Honors, Anmol Rawat has been passionate about writing for as long as he can remember. His flare was sparked by the sparkling words of Nicholas Sparks and he decided to transmute his random scribbles into meaningful write-ups. He is a content writer by profession, framing and managing content for several websites and blogs.

A Bibliophile by nature and a dreamer at heart, he has grown fond of Dan Brown, John Green, Stephen King and Amish. With a special preference towards the romance genre, he preaches love and believes that it is the most beautiful emotion. Through his words, he wants to rekindle this emotion among people and bring about a change in the society, because he believes that love is a healer and can definitely move mountains.

He is one of the authors of the winning team in the Game of the Blogs, a competition held by BlogAdda on an all India level where about 300 bloggers participated. The winning story has been published by Leadstart Publishing in the book ‘Six Degrees’ and will be released online and in stores soon.

He is one of the editors and compilers of ‘A Little Chorus of Love – Love Through Ages’, an anthology of romance fictions. He has already been published in an anthology – ‘Blank Space’. Another anthology ’31 Crimes’ is to be published soon.