A New Beginning

After much ado, here I am, with my own self-hosted website. Who am I? People have so many names for me, but I would like to interlude that by saying that I’m just an enthusiastic writer who wishes to spread love through his words, who wishes to change the world through his words and who wishes to express himself openly through his words. I don’t know where that will take me and how much my words will matter in the future, but I’ll continue to write because that’s simply my passion and I can’t live without pursuing it.

When I started blogging years ago on Blogger, I did not have any other ambition than grabbing a platform where I can simply write. It did not matter what I wrote. They were just random scribbles. A few people appreciated some of those scribbles and my morale was boosted. After a few random blogs, I finally settled on http://anmolrawat.blogspot.in. This blog actually changed my life. I found so many readers and connected with platforms like BlogAdda and Indiblogger. All of this gave me an exposure any writer craves for. I started participating in several blogging competitions and won a few which further enraged my flair for writing. Some of the regular readers actually noticed a considerable improvement in my writings and it all sent me to cloud 9. The best moment was when my short story got published in an anthology – Blank Space. I would love to add that more are coming.

I have not yet decided what all I will be posting here. However, it will all be honest and straight from my heart. With time, I have realized that people actually love to read truthful and honest posts. In addition, I promise I won’t be adorning my cape with high vocabulary and professional language just because I intend to use this domain more professionally. Everything I present before you will embrace the same flavor that the readers have happily embraced so far.

One thing that will never change is the importance of your feedbacks. Being a writer, I crave for them and that’s the only way to further improve. So, be honest and help me out in achieving what I desire.

With this, I’ll close this post and obviously, I’ll keep meeting you all through the medium of words.

Anmol Rawat

Anmol Rawat is a writer, which, considering where you are reading this, makes perfect sense. His debut solo book ‘ABCs of Horror’ is a collection of 26 terrifying standalone tales. He thinks Game of Thrones and Supernatural are the best TV series ever made and devours on Nicholas Sparks, Dan Brown, Stephen King & John Green. He would kill for a good cup of Cappuccino, as should all right thinking people.

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