A Half Baked Love Story – Book Review

I have been reading a lot of Indian authors off lately. Probably because I needed a good break after reading the classics (some of which I did not even like). I have often admired light reads because for me, they are as essential as the bulky literature. You can’t always keep yourself submerged into anyone of them. At least I can’t.

A Half Baked Love Story is another light romance fiction penned down by Anurag Garg and Gunjan Narang. It’s a national best seller which is commendable and one of the reasons why I picked it.

The story revolves around Aarav

He seems like a spoiled brat and a top-notch flirt with the initial description. However, things are usually different from what they seem like. On the new year night, he tells his drunk friends about Anamika, his first love, the girl ho meant the world to him. There unfolds the reason behind Aarav’s current temperament and a beautiful and innocent love story – A Half Baked Love Story.

Poor Beginning

The writing is bad and I mean to say it is really bad. For almost one third of the book, I could not even believe I was reading a bestseller. It might not have been so noticable if it was not a popular book but seeking the immense popularity among the young readers, I was quite disappointed.

I instantly started hating the lead character Aarav. I think that was deliberate, seeking how the story progresses but that hate had a grand impact on the follow up sections of the book.

A Sigh of Relief

I had almost wanted to keep the book back into the shelf, unread but then A Half Baked Love Story surprised me with an innocent love story, the story that led to the current state of Aarav. That story actually picks up a topic that is a reality in India. I was too stressed because I have picked a similar theme for my next to be published short story. Thankfully it was different from what I have written.

I actually liked this section, which stretched all the way to the climax of A Half Baked Love Story. It had an innocent feeling of love that is often present in teenage lovers. I believe so many people would have been able to relate with the story. Some words can touch your heart, like the one I’m sharing below.

There can be a number of reasons why people leave you, but what they leave in you is something that can never be left.

But then…

It did not lead to any conclusion. If the authors were trying to reason the attitude of Aarav with a cute little love story, it did not go well with me. How can you justify anybody spoiling the lives of his girlfriends?

Also, it ended abruptly. It felt like the writers were forced to conclude in the given number of pages. A Half Baked Love Story actually seemed half baked to me. I could not find any strong message even though they really tried to push it in front in the last few pages.

To conclude…

I will not suggest the book to anybody except those who are looking for casually written light reads. Well, A Half Baked Love Story is actually slightly better than those books due to the love story section in between (that also happens to be the major part of the book). It can definitely be read once if you keep aside your expectations. An average read for me.

Anmol Rawat

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